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What is Pincin Therapeutic Massage about?

Our tagline is "Personal. Professional. Exceptional." which pretty much sums up our philosophy about massage and bodywork. Let me explain:

Personal:  We greet our clients with a warm smile and take a genuine interest in the answer to the simple question, "How are you today?". Massage therapy is more than just technical skill. It is about building positive relationships with the people we serve and with the community. We listen to our clients, remember their likes and dislikes, and adapt the massage session to fit their needs.

Professional:   We are Pennsylvania licensed massage therapists and long standing members of the professional organization Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. We have more credentials listed in our bios if you wish to take a look. To us, those credentials mean that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of our profession both technically and ethically. To you, the client, it means that you can trust that we honestly represent the massage profession and that we have your highest good in mind.

Exceptional:    In the last 20 years we have developed our techniques and knowledge as a means to support the body's natural healing process. The way in which we help our clients accomplish their health goals varies with the individual but the outcome remains the same. Clients consistently report having a better quality of life, reduced stress, decreased pain, and greater mobility. Our goal is to continue to cultivate a healthy, thriving practice by continuing to provide exceptional bodywork and education to our current and future clients.

Why us?

Steve and Kari Pincin have been practicing massage therapists for a combined 30 years. Their passion for bodywork and empowering their clients through education led to them found Pincin Therapeutic Massage, llc in 2014.

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