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PTM Illness Policies

As a client, you will still receive the highest level of care from Steve and Kari, however we have learned a thing or two from the pandemic about disease transmission. Please understand that there is no way to eliminate the risk of transmission but we are doing everything we can to minimize it especially during cold/flu season. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!!


1. Masking is now optional. We reserve the right to ask you to wear a mask if there are high levels of virus transmission in our area and/or you are having symptoms. We will be wearing them as well when we feel it is appropriate. (updated 1/10/2024)


2. Clients will be asked to wait in their vehicles until their appointment times.  The door will be unlocked approximately 10 minutes before the appointment time.  *This gives us a chance to clean in between clients and minimizes the amount of time spent in common areas.


3. We ask that clients cancel their appointment if they have a fever or are experiencing symptoms of illness.  We will happily reschedule the appointment.  


Thank you!!  See you soon.

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